About Us

We are a passionate group (named A-TEAM) of people across the world that love Ford cars and their potential. Our group was founded on 17th November 2017 by Au{R}oN (IT) and Ayham (UAE). After a few days of private chatting regarding Phillou's discovery of the Sync 3 root password, Acool (US), AJC (US), and Stang18 (FR) joined the group. On December 2017 the group publicly announced the Jailbreak of Sync 3 and in Januray 2018  announced the very first Sync 3 Video Player.

After more than two years the group is still present and a strong friendship has been established between the members, some have also met personally. Over the years the 'hacking' scene for Sync 3 has grown a lot and some members of the team tightened friendship with other Ford geeky guys, such a4tech (PL), Saeb (AUS) , Dũng (VN) and others.